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About Jonas

Founder and Leadership Coach

Being & Becoming Integral Coaching

Integrity, Presence, ConnectionPlayfulness. These are my values and standards that I strive to call forth and embody in my life and within a coaching partnership with my clients.

My mission is to help develop conscious, thriving, broad-thinking leaders. To bring about a world in which leadership is about understanding and engaging a complex world with presence, connection, and integrity. To help leaders hold more complexity within themselves and to move, assess, and take decisive action from an expanded capacity. My purpose is to work with those leaders that are ready to change their mindset, their world view, their very sense of self, which in business and leadership, changes everything.

For almost 10 years I have guided hundreds of people towards achieving their goals to find fulfilment, confidence, and transformative change amidst challenging and complex environments. I have mentored and lead frontline teams in complex case management and facilitation. As a learning and development advisor for a national organisation I develop assess and implement leadership development pathways and host leadership coaching packages.

Fear and avoidance of conflict holds many leaders back. Having grown up a self-proclaimed people-pleaser I have since built experience in guiding others to a place where they are confident with skills, structure, and processes to lean into conflict as a transformational opportunity.

I am on a continual path of learning and discovery to integrate my head, heart, and gut. I was lucky that my mother modelled and instilled in me the wisdom to "listen to my body". From that foundation I began practicing Zen meditation, studying and practicing integral models, and being continually challenged and supported by friends and family and my own coaches and mentors throughout the years, for which I am endlessly grateful!

If you’re anything like me, you are still regularly challenged in your professional and personal life, and slip into old patterns. But something has changed, I don't stay there anywhere near as long as I used to. With my guidance you will have an ever growing range of tools and supports to bring yourself back in line with your values and able to act effectively.

I believe we all crave to feel truly alive and involved in our life. Whether as leaders, in our relationships, in our projects or passions.

If this is the kind of leader you want to be, and how you want your teams to show up and perform, you have come to the right place.

Training and Accreditation

Cert IV in Life Coaching (currently completing with Life Coaching Academy)

Cert IV Training & Assessment (currently completing)

Master of Counselling (University of Queensland)

Psychology undergraduate (University of Queensland)

Member of QCA (Queensland Counsellors Association)