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About Jonas

Being & Becoming

Integrity, Presence, ConnectionPlayfulness

These are my values and standards that I strive to call forth and embody in my life and when working collaboratively with my clients.

My life's mission and my favourite pastime both happen to be the same thing. Witnessing people come alive when they express, embody, and share their passions, their loves, the parts of their life that set their soul, mind, and heat on fire!

Having migrated to Australia with my family when I was 8 months old, I distinctly remember growing up as a fish out of water. Feeling lost in translation and eventually learning to adapt to my surrounding culture, I got so good at fitting in that I forgot who I really was. For much of my life I was 'going through the motions', pleasing other people (I mastered the art of people-pleasing!), avoiding conflict, adapting to other people's needs, opinions, dreams, and feelings, and sitting in the passenger seat of my life. A place that felt safe and predictable, but SO unfulfilling, and for a long time I couldn't figure out why!

As a result I accumulated missed opportunities and talked myself out of many dreams, ideas and aspirations. Staying safe and trying to people-please my way through life also inevitably impacted my relationships and hurt people I cared about, talk about irony!

Perhaps this sounds familiar to you, or maybe you are the opposite, and your style has been to dive in to life head first, seeking out excitement and challenge that has brought plenty of satisfaction and learning, and yet at your core something is missing...

Eventually the pain and numbness of not fully engaging in my life outweighed the comfort and security of staying a passenger. I am now on a continual path of learning and discovery to integrate my head, heart, and gut. I was lucky that my mother modelled and instilled in me the wisdom to "listen to my body". From that foundation I began practicing Zen meditation, studying and practicing integral models, and being continually challenged and supported by friends and family and my own coaches and mentors throughout the years, for which I am endlessly grateful! I still stuff up sometimes and slip into my old patterns, but I don't stay there anywhere near as long as I used to, and I use tools that I have learned to bring myself back in line with my values.

To paraphrase a musician, artist, entertainer, facilitator, and mentor of mine, Stuart Davis: it's totally normal to frequently feel like we don't know what we're doing or to judge ourselves or worry about the judgement of others, am I doing this whole life thing right?! What if I am doing this wrong?! How should I approach this goal...!? What if I fail....!? But as far as your calling is concerned, your deepest self's journey and its unique imprint and impact on this world?

You can't stuff this up!

I believe in our own unique ways we all crave to feel truly alive and involved in our life, our relationships, in work, or in our projects.

If you are looking to live a fulfilling life, or to see real lasting change and transformation towards your goal, you have come to the right place.

I firmly believe that we all have within us the capacity and inner resources to make the changes we hunger for.

Training and Accreditation

Master of Counselling (University of Queensland)

Psychology undergraduate (University of Queensland)

Member of QCA (Queensland Counsellors Association)