The coaching process

Leadership calls on you to think, act and engage at a high level. You are consistently required to make timely decisions in the midst of volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments. We will forge a coaching partnership that leverages a framework designed to meet these adaptive challenges, guided by a professional code of practice.

A leadership strengths assessment and integral assessment map will identify what concrete targets I will hold you accountable to, with the aim of seeing measurable improvements on your way to achieving your final coaching goal.

Optional face to face interviews with your chosen peers, managers and reports will help us to refine how I guide you through your coaching program, and provide objective targets to work beyond.

You will be supported and optimally challenged in every coaching session to grow your instrument of leadership (your self) with my guidance in holding you inside your learning edge.

Beyond naming what you think 'should' be your goal, I will attune to how you are showing up in your head, heart, and gut during our sessions. We will explore from what developmental vantage point your goals reach out from? How do you make meaning of your current circumstances, your self, and your leadership role? What stands in your way of achieving it, and why does it matter so deeply that you realise it?

You will be equally supported and challenged to identify not just what you need to do, but who you need to become to realise your goal.

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